Boxwood Blight - Detailed Field Guide

Our guides to the fungal disease affecting boxwoods. Includes a Field Guide for in field identification of possible diseased plants and an In Depth Guide that covers all aspects of the disease. Both are high resolution PDF’s and are great for training your employees to identify diseased plants and limit the spread of the fungus. Click here for our dedicated Boxwood Blight page.

The 5 Types Of Hydrangea

LP Statile stocks over 40 varieties of Hydrangea through the year. Hydrangeas have surged in popularity and we often get questions about the different types. This quick guide explains the 5 basic types (the 5 basic species) of Hydrangeas. Find our Hydrangea Guide here.

The 5 Basic Types Of Ilex We Carry

LP Statile stocks over 30 varieties of Ilex through the year. Ilex are a diverse group of plants that are increasingly popular due to the effects of Boxwood Blight on Boxwood stock. This quick guide explains the 5 basic types of Ilex. Find our Ilex Guide here.