Plants We Love – Orange Rocket Barberry

Orange Rocket Barberry In The Spring

Orange Rocket Barberry (Berberis thunbergii 'Orange Rocket') is one of the newer, more upright Barberry varieties that has numerous great qualities. The plant loves half to full day of sun - the more sun, the more color. It grows 4-5 tall and 4-5 wide. It grows relatively quickly - you will see the plant approaching mature height in 3 - 5 years. It is strongly deer resistant, and requires little to no care. It is a great way to bring red into the landscape.

The plant really grabs your attention with it's changing reddish orange foliage

The plant starts out a bright orange red in the spring, and it leafs out fairly early. By summer the color fades slightly but our experience has been great red color retention in good sunlight. Partially shaded locations will see more green. In the fall this barberry turns a bright red. It is deciduous and stands through the winter as bare stems - that deer will not touch because of the the intense thorns. It has interest in every season.

Goes great with a wide range of plants

From a design perspective it goes great with Hakonechloa or Liriope grounds covers at its base. Also goes great with a number of the more colorful Spirea varieties we sell - especially the yellow and orange varieties.

Orange Rocket Barberry is a plant we love because of it's beautiful color changes, upright form, and strong deer resistance. It is a great way to bring red into the landscape. check our availability to see if we have this plant in stock.

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