Due to tight nursery stock availability with a number of plants we have created this substitution page to help you get around hard-to-find plant issues. We will update this page as the season develops and the exact nature of shortages becomes more clear.

High demand, hard to get: Thuja Green Giant

Substitution options:

      • Leyland Cypress
      • Norway Spruce
      • Upright Junipers
            • Perfecta
            • Mountbatten
            • Iowa
      • Ilex Dragon Lady

High demand, hard to get: Boxwoods

Substitution options:

      • Ilex crenata varieties
      • Blue Hollies
      • China Hollies
      • Cephalotaxus

High demand, hard to get: Hollywood Juniper

Substitution options:

      • Juniper Iowa
      • Juniper Perfecta
      • Juniper Mountbatten